Privacy Policy & Terms of Use
Best-In-Class Privacy
We don't collect any personal data. We don't use cookies. We have zero third-party trackers. There are no ads, targeting, data-mining, or any of those weird things that are so common now. There is no account creation, so there's no account to delete.

We use anonymized analytics that's built into our cloud provider, which gives us broad, non-personally identifiable information about things like how many people visit our website.

The only time that we have your email address is if you email us first, because that's the only way that we could email you back. But you could email us from an anonymous email if you'd like, though some of those email services are blocked by spam filters.

If you ask us for support through the app, you can optionally include diagnostic logs. These diagnostics tell us what the app was doing when you experienced your issue. It's like letting your car mechanic look at your car in order to fix it. If you'd rather not include them, you can just remove it before sending.
Terms of Use
Don't do illegal stuff. We're not sure how you could possibly use the app to do anything illegal, but if you figure out a way, don't do it. Illegal means whatever the laws prohibit in your jurisdiction and ours (California, USA).

Warranty. We try our best to give the best summaries, but like with any product or technology, it's not going to work perfectly 100% of the time. If you're unhappy with a particular result, let us know and we'll make it right. And if you have suggestions for new features, tell us and we'll make it happen.

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