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Works in all your apps — just tap Share, then Shortify.

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Image showing 2000 words being funneled into the Shortify icon and 97 words coming out. The article is about lack of sleep.

Let’s Keep This Short

Shortify™ summarizes anything you read (and Youtube). It works in all apps.


Because it saves you a bunch of time, and your time is super valuable.

Example use cases?

  • • 15 min Youtube videos from friends ("you gotta watch this!")
  • • Clearing out your backlog of 500 tabs ("I’ll read this one day")
  • • Blog posts/thinkpieces that have a bit too much history
  • • Sites/apps that are too cluttered (skips the ads/plugins)
  • • Getting the gist of an article before committing to reading it


Open your favorite app or site, tap the Share button, and tap Shortify.

The Share menu in iOS, with the Shortify option highlighted.

What does it look like?

On iPhone

iPhone screenshot that shows the summary of an article

On iPad

iPad screenshot that shows the summary of an article

What else?

  • You can get an even shorter summary.
    A setting that shows 3 options: Shorter, Short, or Original - for summary length.
  • You can share your Shorts.
    A text message conversation between two people. One is trying to get to sleep but wants to read a long article. The other responds with the summary of the article.
  • You can see your stats, like time saved.
    A stats display that shows time saved (10 hours), words saved (150,000), number of summaries (119), and reduction % (92%).


You get 100 Shorts for free, then you pay for what you use. With 1000 Shorts at a reading speed of 238 wpm (Brysbaert 2019), you’ll get about 72 hours of your life back for the cost of 2 coffees. ☕️☕️


  • • We don’t collect any personal data.
  • • We don’t use third-party trackers, ads, or any of those invasive things.
  • • There’s no account signup, so there’s nothing to delete.

Still confused?

Watch this demo video.


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