Shortify App

Release 1.1

Our application was built to save time for students when studying for tests and completing homework assignments. We allow students to study for tests and quizzes more effectively by condensing the course material into an outline. We also help students finish tedious homework assignments by allowing students to search for text in the material to more easily complete worksheets - all this is completely free

Features and how to use

  • Outline Generator
  • The outline generator is our main product and it allows you to input any academic text. Then, select either the small, medium, or large condense and it will remove inessential words and phrases accordingly. It will generate a well-formatted outline off of which you can study.

  • Worksheet Wizard
  • The worksheet wizard allows you to enter the words or specific phrases your worksheet requires you to find. It finds and extracts the material needed for you and organizes the result so you can easily fill out your worksheet.